Tuesday, December 06, 2011

St. Lucia Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was a whirlwind day on St. Lucia for us.  I've been getting up early each morning (around 5am NY time) to meet the sunrise, get a run in on the beach, enjoy the waves and walk along the shoreline.  I also found the one plug in all of St. Lucia that is US compatible (I didn't bring a converter) and so I charge my laptop and phone up for the day first thing.  But yesterday, we paid to take a shuttle (a van for 6 people + driver) to Pointe Seraphine to do some shopping in one of the major cities.  Along the way, the driver gave us a little history lesson.

The heat was intense on Monday.  So far we've been enjoying high seventies/low eighties, but it jumped yesterday.  It felt great, but I think I would have killed for a diet coke.  We got dropped off at a kind of farmer's market for vendors.  Almost every vendor had the same stuff, so we migrated across the street to the craft market.  More of the vendors had hand-made items for purchase.  I met a really nice guy named Griffin that does hand made jewelry, pots and wall pieces.  He was working on one while we talked to.  He was extremely friendly and I had decided I was already going to buy all my stuff from him.  He also gave me unrequested advice on life and love.

Linda had to use the washroom, which ended up costing her a dollar... ha!  But once done there, we made our way to the duty free market, which was attached to the port where several cruise ships were parked.  It was clean, higher end, touristy and refreshing.  The two couples that rode with us were relieved to be there!  Rustic shopping didn't seem to be their thing.  On our way back, we had to go back through the VERY curvy, roller-coaster-esque roads of St. Lucia which was nauseating.  They had a hurricane here last year which triggered mudslides... and a lot of the roads simply lost the one lane completely.  They haven't repaired them yet.  This country is in a very bad state of repair in a lot of places.  So they just put a little wooden fence up, a hand written sign, and as Richie (driver) is driving like a maniac driving to avoid massive sinkholes and passing cars, you hold your breathe and take in the beautiful views.

As we're driving, he pulled over and showed up this massive hotel chain called the Westin Hotel which they started 5 years ago but never finished.  It is the size of a Vegas resort, but they ran out of money.  It's just a gigantic empty shell of tall cement buildings, half finished roofs and nothing else along a gorgeous shoreline.  Amazing.

Later last night, Linda and I got to get separate back massages from their spa center.  My shoulders still hurt!  She found two knots in my back above my shoulder-blades....  it was very nice.  We also did a nice sit-down dress up dinner at their Caribbean food restaurant.  We had the option to do a couples beach-side dinner, but Linda forgot about it unfortunately, and everything you do here has to be reserved a day in advance.  We ended up giving it to a honeymooning couple from British Columbia.  They were ecstatic. It's been an interesting time traveling with Linda!  She loves to travel alone to all parts of the world, so I'm just here enjoying the ride.  We're definitely an odd pair, but we're having fun.  We leave today at 3:45pm, so we're checking out at noon and heading to their little airport at 1.  It'll be a FUN day of travel!  At least I got another morning run in as the sun rose.. :)

-- Luke

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