Saturday, June 19, 2010

D.C. Day 7 "Moving Into The City"

It was kind of bittersweet. Today's the day I move out of the hotel, back into my car, dirty clothes and all, and figure out the rest of my weekend. But the good news was.. I'm staying with my college friend Linda for the weekend. The bad news was I had to work all day remotely from the hotel lobby. But I got a great workout in first, I ate the rest of my cold foods for breakfast and lunch, packed up the entire room, and packed in the car as best I could. And before I knew it, I was checked out and typing up a storm from a really.... really comfortable leather chair in the lobby. I worked all day long before I had to get going to meet Linda at her job at 5pm.

But I made a quick 30 minute stop at whole foods for some late lunch/early dinner, and enjoyed a little time on my own. Traffic was insane... this seems to be a trend here, but I'm really starting to understand the area really well and can actually make adjustments on the fly. So I found Linda, we headed into DC, and arrived at her condo and found decent parking right away.

She bought her condo about a year ago... and it's amazing. Simply amazing. I'm starting to realize I made a really big mistake by staying in Rochester all these years. I have friends that have really cool, amazing and exciting lives in terrific cities and have achieved things that I really have always wanted to do. I think it's come down to complacency for myself.. and sheer laziness if you want to label it another way. Maybe it's going to be by motivating factor.

So we walked around the area last night, exploring the neighborhood, finding a really great place to eat a lovely dinner, and then headed to Dupont Circle to hang out, chat up about our lives, and find us some cool yogurt refreshment.

I know I keep saying it in tweets and in person, but I'm really starting to love this place. Rochester, while cool, quaint and lovely... isn't for me. I've tried to make it work as best I can, but I think it's definitely time to move on to something bigger that will provide me with more opportunities. And Linda has already pledged to be supportive and encouraging all the while. In fact, everyone down here has been. It's really nice to have a good foundation to work on.

This weekend's plans include a lot of running, walking, exploring, sight-seeing, walking some more, eating, relaxing, nature, monuments, more eating and so much more. Her condo is in such a great area that I just don't know how I never came to visit her earlier. She said it really well last night when commenting how comfortable I had made myself in her house: "It's like no time has passed since we last hung out." Indeed. It feels good to be around good people.

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dcpeg said...

What a lovely change to read positive things about D.C. Visitors and short term residents are too often negative and can't wait to leave.

Granted, it's hard to get to know people here, but once you do, you've got friends for life. Not all of us are anal, ladder-climbers looking for bigger and better connections. I spent my career working for nonprofits and wouldn't trade the experiences I had for any fed or get-rich kind of career.

You're actually a step ahead of most newcomers - you've got friends here to help ease you into D.C.'s eclectic/ exotic way of life. Hope you'll choose D.C.!